Churches and Burials

Many of the cemeteries were associated with the local churches and were simply known by that name (i.e. St. Joe's Cemetery). Some of these churches are still active and a researcher could find baptismal records and the like here. This list is sorted by community name and is not a complete list and we would appreciate any additions or corrections.
Thanks to Loretta Hayoz who provided so much help and information.

Cemetery:Alamosa Cemetery

Church:San Isidroo Labrador Parish - the patron of agriculture

Armenta Plaza
Cemetery:Armenta Plaza Cemetery

Church:Stature of San Lorenzo - Founded in 1947. Chapel converted from a store. No longer an active mission.

Cemetery:Bryantine Cemetery

Church:Sacred Heart Parish - Founded in 1900.
Cemetery:Bueyeros Cemetery

Cañón Largo
Church:San Acacio Parish

Church:San Antonio de Padua - Was build entirely of rock. No longer an active mission.

Cemetery:Maytum Cemetery - abandoned only the Wm Maytum headstone can be found now
Known burials:
Wm (William) Maytum 17 JAN 1869 - 19 NOV 1924
Hezekiah Nunnelly 24 MAY 1836 - 28 MARCH 1926
Gladys Maytum 2 SEPT 1906 - 6 APRIL 1914 -- Diptheria
(?) Ellis - no dates, a baby
Goldy England - no dates
Dorothy Jeffries - no dates, a young girl who drowned

Cemetery:David Cemetery

Church:Rincón Colorado La Immaculada Concepción - It was built 1876
Cemetery:Gallegos Cemetery

Church:Santo Niño de Praga - Had an active membership of Los Hermonos de Nuestro Padre Jesus de Nazareno until 1971. No longer an active mission.

Church:Holy Trinity Parish - placed under the jurisdiction of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Clayton June 1993.

Church:San Juan Bautista - mission closed in early 1970

Cemetery:Mills Cemetery

Church:St. Josephs Parish - Founded in 1922. Grotto Shrine and Fountain in Honor of Our Lady of Lourdes added in 1947.
Cemetery:St. Josephs Cemetery

Cemetery:Rosebud Cemetery

Church:Holy Family Parish - Also had the Saint George School which is no longer active
Cemetery:Mofax Cemetery - About 15 miles north east of Roy
Cemetery:Roy Cemetery

Church:Parish of Chaperito - until 1932 (?) Changed in 1914 to Our Lady Of Guadalupe (?)

Cemetery:Solano Cemetery - photo
Known burials:
Buck Duane Allen 20 July 1954 - 9 June 2001
Ernest Doss Choate

Other Known Cemeteries
Calvert Cemetery
Cejita Cemetery
Garcia Cemetery
Henio Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Kelly Cemetery
Mestenito Cemetery
Mitchell Ranch Cemetery
Trujillo Cemetery
Vigil Cemetery