Harding County Cemeteries


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Below I have listed all the cemeteries that can be found in Harding County.  The list is by no means complete.  Also, I have not been lucky enough to have a kind soul transcribe any of these cemeteries.  Here is where I could use your help.  If you know of any cemeteries that are missing or would like to transcribe a cemetery please let me know.  it is by your help that these pages are able to grow and be beneficial to family researcher.  As of now these are only for reference.  Contact Harold Kilmer  with any help you are able to offer.


Viewer donations (obits, birth and death notices):  Rose Woodard/Case,



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Alamosa Cemetery

Armenta Plaza Cemetery

Bryantine Cemetery

Calvert Cemetery

Cejita Cemetery

David Cemetery

Garcia Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery

Kelly Cemetery

Maytum Cemetery

Mestenito Cemetery

Mills Cemetery

Mitchell Ranch Cemetery

Mofax Cemetery

Mosquero Cemetery

Rosebud Cemetery

Roy Cemetery  A – G     H - N    O - Y

Saint Joseph Cemetery

Solano Cemetery

Trujillo Cemetery

Vigil Cemetery


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