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These queries are very old and the addresses may not be good but they may provide a clue to what you are seeking.
looking for any info on Macario 'mike' Mata died 2/2/2001 at age 84 buried in Mosquero Cemetery in harding county. Wife Eloisa Mata preceded him in death possibly in Tucson Arizona 1970 she was a full sister to my grandmother. might have had a son name Peter Pedro. Thanks, Eloy
I am searching for the burial and resting place if my paternal great grandparents. The last known record located so far was with my uncle Edward Oleffe's draft registration on June 5, 1918. He registered in Yankee NM, but records show his father living in Mills, Harding NM. From that day on they are lost until youngest daughter shows up in Albequrque, New Mexico at the age of 10 at the Lykins Childrens Home. My grandfather would have been Emile Oleffe and his wife was Belanie Oleffe. Nothing is known about the family, except what I have been able to piece together. All of the first generation and the second generation as well as the third generation are gone, and no one seems to know anything from this genereaton." (The wording and spelling is his.) Any help would be appreciated, Jes Harris.
My grandmother Mildred A. Hein married my grandfather Alexander Brown in Van Houten, Colfax county on 05 Jan 1927. Sometime after 1929 they moved to Roy, Harding County. I believe my grandfather was a coal miner. I know he was in Van Houten anyway. He died in Roy of Brights disease on 29 April 1931. On 02 Jan 1932 my grandmother married Melvin Earnest Linson. Melvin was born in Mosquero on 26 March 1912. His parents were John C. Linson and Edna P. nee Hamill. Two of their children were born in Roy. Melvin Junior Linson 17 April 1933, and Gloria Genevieve Linson on 31 May 1935. Some time before 1937 they moved to Colorado. Melvin's father and mother remained in NM. His mother Edna died in Roy on 4 June 1945 and his father John C. died on 16 May 1954. This is about all I know of this lineage in NM. I am currently doing research on the Linson's. Thank You, Sam Williams.
I am looking for information on the BLEA, QUINTANA, and CHAVEZ families from the Harding County area. My great-great grandparents are Manuel and Lupita QUINTANA and Felipe and Barbarita BLEA. The QUINTANA's had a son Samuel who resided in Clayton and was married to Julia BLEA. They were my great grandparents. Samuel QUINTANA had brothers named John, Felix, and Tiburcio and a sister named Juanita. Julia BLEA QUINTANA (my great- grandmother) had three sisters, Geneva, Emilia, and Servanda Madrid...two brothers... Moises and Nabor. My grandfather was Candido CHAVEZ and was raised by an uncle in Tucumcari, NM. The uncle's last name is BENAVIDEZ. Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated, please contact me Barbara Mitchell
I am looking for any information on my grandfather CHARLES W. VEST he was known to be in the area in 1920 and married my grandmother GUTHRIE LEE (GUINN) VEST. In 1920 he was 52 years old. That information came from my father WILLIAM LOYD VEST birth cert., also the 1920 New Mexico census. This is the only information we have, we dont know where he was from or where he went as he left the family in late 1920. Any information would be greatly appreciated, please contact Candy (VEST) Hill
Lookiing for any information on my fathers and mothers families. My father was Jose Nazario MONTOYA - brothers were Seferino and Leopoldo, sister Quiteria. His parents were Jose MELITON and Maria Mercedes Archuleta MONTOYA. My mother was Mary Carmen Maestas MONTOYA. Her parents were Facundo and Fannie Warder MAESTAS. They all lived in the Golondrinas area. Jose MELITON and his father Fesio had a ranch. Any information would be greatly appreciated, any information on these people, please contact me Fannie Montoya Gerlock
My fathers name was Alberto SANDOVAL born in Roy, New Mexico in 1921. I am looking for my grandfathers family in Harding County. All I know, his name is Tomas SANDOVAL and he was married to Pelegrina LUCERO. I don't know when they married or where they originally came from. They are beried in the cemetery at Roy. Anyone with any information on these people, please contact Mjughead48@aol.com
I am searching for any information on my grandparents Pedro "Pete" BACA and Violet (PRUE) BACA whose children were born in Roy, NM in the 1930's. I believe he worked on a farm in that area at the time. Grandmom worked at a place called Hotel Yucca in Raton, NM in 1941. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known them or are related. I would also be grateful for any information on Jerome Fredric PRUE or Ethel L. STULL (grandmom's parents). I know that Jerome was the Fire Chief in Roy in 1948, and attended the 24th annual convention and 17th Fire College of the NM State Firemen's Convention in Deming, NM. Anyone with any information on these people, please contact me Joan (Baca) Scholtz
I am looking for information on Paulita MARTINEZ and Mateo ARGUELLO. They had a daughter named Adeline Cecilia ARGUELLO. She was born in Mosquero, NM in January 1948. I am her daughter reseaching my family history. Anyone with any information on these people, please contact me Kris
My Step-grandfather Sam Peat FESSLER homesteaded in the Roy, NM area and lived there from about 1910 until 1936. I am not sure about his arrival date or his parents names. Our family believes that he was born during 1883 in Mt. Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. His first wife, Myrtle (Hall) FESSLER passed away in August 1927 in Harding County. Any further information is requested and will be appreciated., please contact me Joseph Hughlett
Patrick Joseph MAESTAS is my father-in-law. I'm trying to compile his family tree for our family. He was born in 1926 near Mills, Harding County, NM. His parents were Lino or Leno MESTAS born about 1894, and Romanita LUJAN. I found Lino in the 1910 Census (Mora County, Precinct 22, Roy). He was listed in the household of Ignacio MESTAS and his wife Isabelle NAVARRO. Lino and Romanita died in the 1930's, leaving Patrick with little memories of them and being raised by his aunt Antonitia. Ignacio MESTAS and Isbelle NAVARRO were born about 1860. I think I found Ignacio in the 1870 Census (Mora County, Precinct 6, La Cebolla, page 343). This Ignacio is age 10 and is in the household of I. or J. Maria MESTAS, age 50, and Guadalupe TRUJILLO, age 40. I'd like to find out whatever I can about Ignacio MESTAS + Isabelle NAVARRO and Lino MESTAS and Romanita LUJAN - who their parents were, where they came from, and who their other children were.. Anyone with any information on these people, please contact me Holman3887@aol.com
I am looking for information on my great-grandfather, Isadore Craig DODDS and wife Nancy L. for the time period of 1920 through about 1940. He was born in Sangamon County, Illinois in 1875 and moved to Roy, New Mexico around 1920. I found that he sold land around Roy in 1935 and would like to find out if he died there and where he is buried. Any information would be appreciated, please contact me Elizabeth South
Juan CASAUS (CASADOS) lived and died in Roy, NM. He worked on the Roy Brothers Ranch and married Rebecca SANTILLANES and had 9 children. Juan was my paternal grandfather and he died in 1937. His mother was Carmelita or Camilla CASAUS (CASADOS) and he had a sister Carolina. Also my maternal grandmother was Minnie Gruver VIGIL. She married Frank ROYBAL in Raton, NM, I think. When Frank passed away Minnie married Bill SAMMON from Ocate. Have not had any luck with any of the names. If anyone out there can help me or give information, I really would appreciate it. Please contact Barbara G. Vest
I am searching out info on the Leo M. WAGNER family who maintained a ranch in or near Roy, NM. I know there is a LARGE Wagner ranch in the area but I am not positive that it was owned by my Leo M. WAGNER. I have found land records recorded for Leo M. WAGNER, Roy, NM. Leo M. Wagner was my great-uncle. My mom and her sister spent many harvest seasons in or near Roy, NM. They drove down from Alva, Oklahoma at harvest season. Uncle Leo had sharecroppers maintaining and planting on the land and the only time he came was at harvest time. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Virgel Cain
Looking for information on John MOYER who died in Rosebud, NM (about 1923). He faught in the Civil War at Fort Scott, Kansas. Any information would be appreciated. Please contact David Moyer
Looking for information on HARTLEY, Frank and his wife Fern, who I believe lived and died in or around Roy, in Harding Co. SSDI indicates Frank N. HARTLEY b. 24 September 1887 ; d. April 1967 in Roy; his wife, Fern Knight Gallagher HARTLEY, b. 14 March 1900, KS; died February 1977 in Roy. Any information would be appreciated. Please contact Kay King
Looking for surname of LOVATO and GALLEGOS at or around Bueyeros in the late 1890's, early 1900's. Looking for Jose Pedro LOVATO, Tomas Julio LOVATO, Juan GALLEGOS and Josepha LUJAN who are said to reside in that area. Any names of Lovato in or around will be appreciated. Please contact John Rutherford
I am looking into my famliy history, have come to a wall. We do know that David S. DONALDSON claimed 320 acres in Harding County May 20, 1862. Section 8, range 33-E. It was inherited by my grandfather Horace DONALDSON, Februrary 19, 1913 at which time he enlarged the property. I have no idea either where David Donaldson came from, lived or was buried. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Scott Donaldson
I am looking for information reguarding my grandfather, George BAKER of Harding County. I do not know the dates of birth or death. He married, Sylvia Mae RYERSON, in about 1904. They had two boys and a girl, my mother Ruth Dale BAKER, Born 17 August 1909. Any information would be appreciated. Please contact Mickey Fritz
My grandfather, Juan CASAUS married Rebecca SANTIANA (Apache Indian, I think) and they lived and worked on a ranch/farm in Roy in early 1900. All of their 9 children were born in Roy and the children subsequently moved to Dalhart, Texas. My grandfather died of "dust pneumonia" but not sure when. If anyone has any information or can tell me how to secure any info, I would really, really appreciate it. Please contact Barbara Vest
I am looking for my maternal relatives. My grandmother, Clora Margaret MARTINEZ MEDINA was born in Roy, NM in 1910 and died in California in 1998. Her mother was born in Mosquero in 1896 and died in 1960. Her name was Theodora and I have different spellings for her last name - ABEL or EBELLE LUCERO. My great grandmother, Theodora, had 8 other children with her husband, Antonio MARTINEZ. Any information would be appreciated Please contact Debbi Potter
Looking for information on my grandfather David Albert ROSENBURG born 26 December 1880 in Decature, Wise Co, Texas. He married Gertrude LOVEJOY 18 April 1902. He died 4 August 1945 in Roy, Harding Co, New Mexico. She died 5 May 1972 in Clayton, Union Co, New Mexico and may be buried with him. Any information would be appreciated Please contact Ray Rosen
Looking for information on Laura Virginia JACKSON (COOK) who lived at Solano, Harding Co, New Mexico. She was born 25 NOV 1888 at Salty, Milam County, Texas. She died 14 Feb 1985 in Harding County. She married E. M. COOK (Jack) 21 or 25 DEC 1907. Any information would be appreciated Please contact Hilton Hunt
I am seeking information on my grandmother, Clara Louella (Lippy/Lippe) RUSSELL. She came from Germany and was a teacher in the Roy schools c. 1900-1920 I suppose. She married the principal, Jesse E. RUSSELL. He is buried in Denver, Denver County, Colorado. I have no family information on her death, or much of her life. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact Lou (Russell) Mortensen
I am looking for the death date of a Belle LYMAN who died in Amistad, New Mexico around 1905. Maiden name Belle MacGREGOR, 1st marriage to Howard JOHNSON and 2nd to Alanzo LYMAN. I need her death date so I can get her death certificate and find out her parents name. She is supposed to be buried in the Amistad cemetery. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact Norma
I am looking for information on family members. Asbury Flecther LIVINGSTON bn 1855 Cullman County, AL, Frances Ann DAVIS bn 1857 AL. They married in 1878, in Cullman County, AL and moved to Texas and then to Harding County New Mexico about 1914. They had a daughter, Luzzetty LIVINGSTON bn 1884 who married William CARVER in Texas 1905. Their children, Lillian Dovie bn 1907 TX, Earl Flecther bn 1909 TX, Jewel Bullock bn 1911. I HOPE I hear from some Family. Please contact Carolyn
I am looking for information on Albert COOK and Laura (JACKSON) COOK. They lived in Solano, NM. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact Marty Adcock
I am looking for an obit for Robert H. McLAUGHLIN. He owned property and passed away in Mosquero, Harding Co, New Mexico 10 October 1943. Any information on Robert would be appreciated. Please contact Ronald McComb
My family settled in Gallegos, NM around 1912. They came to New Mexico in covered wagons from Benton County, Missouri, with a six year "pit stop" in Cottle County, Texas. I am looking for information on the early settlers of Gallegos including: Franklin Wellington OSBORN b. 1865 in Ohio, his wife Sarah (Kitty) Catherine NELSON b. 1870. If you have any information on the surnames OSBORN, NELSON, HIPTURE, WISEMAN, or WATTENBARGER, I would love to hear from you. Please contact Sabrina Lansford
Seeking information on the family of Charley Raymond DAVIS who lived in Roy, NM from 1909 to 1919. He homesteaded 321 acres of farm land 12 miles N.E. of Roy, NM. Also looking for information on Charley's father Samuel Flack DAVIS who died on 4-3-1925 and is buried in Roy, NM. Would also like information on the cemetery where he is buried. Any help or information is greatly appreciated, please contact Diane Turner
Seeking information on Jasper Newton NUTTER and wife, Sarah "Sally" FRANCES, who migrated from Gilmer Co., WV. Trying to find out if any of their children settled in Harding County. Any help or information is greatly appreciated, please contact Jayne Stephens
On 1 February 1933 I came into this world as a boy born to Homer T WALKER and Marie Elizabeth BARKER. The doctor who brought me into this world was Dr. SELF. My grandfather was Claud BARKER who homesteaded in the area around Roy, Harding County, New Mexico. Any information about the surnames of WALKER, BARKER, BURGESS, or HURFORD is greatly appreciated, please contact Robert J Walker
Looking for information on Porfirio BACA married to Josephine TRUJILLO in (possibly in Roy) Harding County between 1870's early 1920's (approx..). Porfirio later married Adela DEAGUERO (maiden name) or Adela ARGUELLO I believe in New Mexico also. Any information is greatly appreciated, please contact Chavez
My father is looking for information on the VIGIL Family from Bueyeros, Harding Co, New Mexico in 1894 - 1898. The first settlement was called Vigil or Vigil Plaza and the brothers Leandro and Agustin VIGIL ran cattle through here before the name was changed to Bueyeros. My father is looking for information on a grandchild of this family. He knew the family when they lived in the Wagon Mound/Roy area (Harding County). My father, grandfather, great grand father and great great grandfather had a ranch east of Wagon Mound. If anyone has more information on the VIGIL side of the family, please respond to Tom Marès
I am looking for information on the Tafoya family who may have lived around Mosquero, Harding Co, New Mexico right at the beginning of the 20th century. Around 1900 to about 1910 or later. I also need to find the address of two places that exiseted in 1904...One is " Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe" in Coreo, New Mexico (This may have been a mission) and the Church of San Jose at Mosquero, Harding Co, New Mexico. I am doing family research and one of my grandfather's sisters was baptised at Nuestra Senora, but the baptism was recorded at the Church of San Jose. Plus I am looking for any information on the Archuleta family that may have also lived in the area at this time. Any information greatly appreciated, please contact Heather Hansen
Looking for information on Porfirio BACA married to Josephine TRUJILLO in Roy between 1870's early 1920's (approx..) Porfirio later married Adela DEAGUERO or Adela ARGUELLO I believe in New Mexico also. Any one with connections with this family please contact Chavezz@prodigy.net
I am searching for a James H GARRETT born about 1880 in Texas and moved to a masa near Roy, New Mexico. His family lived and died there. Any one with connections with this family please contact Ann Daberko
Looking for the following names in Harding County. John Christopher LINSON - Born 1888, Died 1954 in Roy, New Mexico. Wife - Edna Peral HAMILL - Born 1888, Died 1944 in Roy, New Mexico. Children - Orville, Lottie, Melvine, Lorean, Walter, Herbert, Lawrence, Robert and Nellie. Also Walter Dale LINSON - Born 1916 in Mosquero, New Mexico. Wife - Gay Elizabeth MALONE - Born 1917 in Silverton, Briscoe Co, Texas. Children - Jo Ann, Nancy and Buddy. Any information greatly appreciated, please contact tucbarista@aol.com
Looking for Ramon JARAMILLO married to (?) SALAZAR and Rocque JARAMILLO (brothers) lived ca 1850-1890 around Guadalupita. Ramon was father of Mariano JARAMILLO b.ca 1880 and married Isabel GRIEGO. Any information greatly appreciated, please contact Eunice Goetz
My husband's grandfather was Walter HILL. He moved his family to Mosquero, Harding County, New Mexico, between 1908 and 1910. He married Annie Lee COOKE in Texas. Their first five children were born in Texas, and the last four were born in Mosquero. They moved to the top of David's Hill in a wagon. Listed below are their children: Erma, Born - March 15, 1899 - TX; Charles Lee (Bud) , Born - Nov. 22, 1901-TX; Herman, Born - ? - TX; Scuddah, Born - March 6 1906 - TX; Lela Jewell, Born - April 12, 1908 - TX; Walter Leon, Born - April 21, 1910 - Mosquero ; Nellie B., Born - Feb. 13, 1913 - Mosquero ; Ruth Ann, Born - March 15, 1916 - Mosquero ; Majel Ramona, Born - Sept. 29, 1918 - Mosquero (This is my husband's mother). Most of the children married into families that lived in and around Mosquero. I have a lot of stories about life there that I am trying to put into a book. My husband was born in a granary, which had been made into living quarters, on his grandpa's ranch. Feel free to contact me. Marty Adcock
My family homesteaded around Mosquero about 1910. The following families came from Kansas and other states by railroad and wagons. DRISKILL, BEEM, FULLER, SHRUM, McFARLAND, MORRIS, LUNSFORD and DYKE. Would anyone care to exchange information? Robert Lytal